English Language Arts


  • Recognizes upper case letters
  • Recognizes lower case letters
  • Recognizes sounds
  • Recognizes sight words:  I, is, am, the, at, in, to, my, have, go, it, said, you, did, and, on, up, like

Writing Stages

Scribbling/ Pictorial 
  • Combines pictures and scribbles to represent writing
  • No recognizable letters
Pre-Communicative Stage
  • Strings together random letters (upper case) and letter-like forms
  • Prints own name and occasionally copies words
Semi-Phonetic Stage
  • Uses one beginning letter to write a word
  • Begins to write left to right
  • Understands that print holds meaning


  • Knows Directionality:  right, left, front, back, beside, above, below
  • Reproduces a pattern
  • Counts by ones to 10, 50,and 100
  • Counts by fives to 30
  • Counts by tens  to 30

Recognizes Numbers:

  • 0-10
  • 11-19
  • 20-30

Recognizes shapes:  

  • square, circle, rectangle, oval, triangle, diamond


  • Understands simple addition using manipulatives


  • Understands simple subtraction using manipulatives

Fine Motor Developement

  • Holds pencil & scissors correctly
  • Fastens coat
  • Ties shoes
  • Writes first name
  • Writes last name


  • Force and Motion
  • Earth

Social Studies

  • Myself and Others

Special Classes

  • Art Music Gym
  • Library
  • Computer

Behavior Expectations

  • Respects adults
  • Cooperates with peers
  • Demonstrates self-control in classroom
  • Demonstrates self-control at unstructured times
  • Transitions well during the day

Work Habit Expectations

  • Listens attentively
  • Works independently
  • Makes good use of time


  • Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT)
  • Kindergarten Essential Skills Inventory
  • Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA)
  • Classroom Assessments


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